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Since the time of establishment of Garden Art Company and since the beginning of its activities in Saudi Arabia in 1990, we understood that it is necessary to improve landscaping services in a new form and frame. We began our services using best scientific and practical modern manners and methods in landscaping. As planned since the beginning, we extend our best services to all our customers.

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Garden Art combines a full-service landscaping company with an experienced landscaping crew and design staff, giving us the long-standing distinction of being one of Dubai’s premiere landscape companies.

To bring landscape dreams to life. These are the very words that motivated Eng. Bassam Ababneh to build a business that aspires to add beauty to our world. He started over 20 years ago in Saudi Arabia as a young entrepreneur full of ambitions and dreams. He led the organization from one success to another driven by one simple vision. His company brings together employees who share his work ethic and passion for fine landscape design with the goal of creating magnificent outdoor spaces where clients can enjoy the splendors of nature all year long.

With over two decades of landscaping passion, he continues to spread his success. He proceeded with a very firm plan to broaden his touch around the region. In year 2004, he set up Garden Art, a subsidiary of Davallia (KSA).

The company has acquired a very dedicated and well-learned team that can develop and maintain all the elements that keep a beautiful yet healthy garden. People had always dreamed of owning a beautiful garden that elevates the value of their place and building it, is Garden Art’s expertise.

Knowing that each entity has different values, and every client would like to reflect his personality in his property, we work closely with our clients to develop unique designs that suit their personality and ambitions. With our focus on helping our clients to express themselves through their garden and explore more of their hidden senses, we never loose our attention to the choice of elements that suits the climate and the environment surrounding the garden site. Sophisticated designs as well as simple lines need a high level of dedicated, yet focused efforts to be transformed into a real healthy garden.

In building your dream garden, Garden Art follows a recipe for success which consists of many ingredients; enthusiastic team, sharp management, strong contacts with regional and international suppliers, vast years of experience, hands on scientific knowledge and the attention to the details.

Indeed landscaping can help make your yard more beautiful. But there is more to that. It can help purify the air, it can increase property value; can provide privacy and security, other environmental benefit and much much more. The only limit is your imagination.

Dream on. We can make it happen.


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